{Exclusive} Rich Homie Quan vs. Johnny Cinco (Diss Track Inside) *Photos*

Since this hasn’t reached the streets yet…

It’s getting warm outside and people get out of hand when it’s hot.

In a recent interview with ATL rapper Johnny Cinco about the beef between him and Rich Homie Quan.

No exact reason for this beef was named, but from the sounds of it’s going to get bad.

What makes this Juciy is the diss track I was giving aimed at Johnny Cinco from Rich Homie Quan.

Johnny Cincio says “It’s nothing but free promotion for me.”

When asked if he would be doing some aimed at Rich Homie, Cinco
says, “That’s for me to know and you to find out .”

Click here to listen to track

Stay tuned for updates





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8 thoughts on “{Exclusive} Rich Homie Quan vs. Johnny Cinco (Diss Track Inside) *Photos*

  1. This beef is all about a female. Johns baby mom Kia caused this beef. Quan brother Dre is our Bestfriend and we never discuss john

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  3. Cinco just did this to get attention man I didn’t know who he was till this happen
    #Rich homie quan tho go harder then that weak pussy ass niggah just saying …..:-)

  4. Johnny cinco aint nothin but a lame rapper. I say that cuz all the girls like rich homie and what I think about it I really like rich homie quan better than lame azz johnny cinco
    Johnny cinco aint shit

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